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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is an estate sale?

A. Unlike a garage or yard sale, estate sales are held inside a home, although lawns and garages are usually used during the sale. After preparation by our staff and extensive advertising, your home is open to the public (some areas may be closed off if needed) for two or three days, generally beginning on a Friday.

Q. How does the estate sale process work?

A. After a brief, initial conversation, we meet for a free, no obligation consultation at the home being downsized. This allows us to understand the volume and value of items to be sold and scope of work required to prepare the home for an estate sale. If we determine an estate sale is appropriate, we then discuss the timing associated with vacating the home, schedule a date and go over a contract.  Typically sales require one to two weeks of setting up, in extreme cases, more time may be necessary to remove rubbish and debris.


Q. How fast can you pull together an estate sale for us?

A. It depends on your location, how much “inventory” you have and most importantly, if we have time available.  More often than not, we receive inquiries from people needing to vacate their property in a matter of weeks, particularly in the months between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  It is essential that clients provide us unencumbered access to the home during set-up and sale.  Also, the more time we have to evaluate and stage items and advertise the sale, more buyers will attend and valuables will be priced right.

Q. My home is under contract (or just sold) and I have a month (or less) to vacate the property, can you help?

A. The short answer is hopefully, yes! Call us as soon as possible to discuss your timing.  Hopefully we are not booked.  If we are, we are happy to recommend another company with a good reputation that may have availability. Or we can offer alternative suggestions to help you liquidate your items within your time frame. In any case, just call us at 231.944.0789 for a quick chat.

Q. Can I speak to any past clients?

A. Absolutely! See our customer testimonial page to start.

Q. What are the fees associated with hiring Moxie Estate Sales?

A. In most cases, clients pay nothing for our services until the sale is complete. A typical estate sale is organized on a commission basis.  Any fees (and these are clearly spelled out in our contract) are deducted from the proceeds of the sale.  The percentage is based on the amount and value of items to be sold, with the time required to clean and set-up and distance from Traverse City taken into consideration. After a brief discussion, we should be able to provide a percentage range applicable to your situation, confirmed during a free consultation.

Q. What happens to items not sold during the sale?

A. Our main goal is to get clients the most amount of money for their items, but there will inevitably be items left over after a sale. A client may specify a charitable organization which may accept remaining items for donation. Thrift stores are becvoming increasingly selective about items they will accept for donation. Unfortuantly large, older Tvs, printers and furniture that has..seen better days... may be turned away when trying to donate. Therefore, each client will have items needing to be disposed of. We work with a local hauling company (that has the best rate in town) to remove these items along with trash and debris. Clients will be responsible for removal fees.

Q. When will I get paid from the proceeds of the sale?

A. Clients receive a check for the proceeds within 10-14 days after the sale.