Moxie Estate Sales

Organization & Sale of Personal Property

Estate Sale Process

Step One:
Take a peek & have a chat.

We begin with a look around your home to get an idea of what you have and determine the best option for you to liquidate your items. Some items may fetch more to a wider audience found online.

Step Two:
Schedule, sort & price.

Once we have an action plan, we'll schedule sale dates. Our team of professionals will work hard and smart to sensibly organize, arrange and price your items to sell fast for fair market value.

Step Three:
Publicize & conduct sale.

We'll get the word out to thousands of local shoppers via newspaper and internet ads, viral marketing campaigns and signs. We open the doors, greet shoppers and sell items.

Step Four:
Clean up & cash out.

Depending on your wishes, we will clean-up your space, arrange for remaining items to be either donated or auctioned on-line. Within ten days you will receive payment.