Moxie Estate Sales

Organization & Sale of Personal Property

Thursday-Saturday 9am-4pm
Sunday 9m-1pm
Help us preserve the past by shopping this epic four day sale. 
The historic 1800's farmhouse is a treasure trove of relics from the past. 
We are still digging through crates, trunks, closets and crawl spaces. 
Click the link below for more photos and details.


This farmhouse, more than a century old, will be demolished in the near future. Doors, several with pictorial etching in glass, windows, hardware, trim and other architectural elements will be sold and arrangements for deconstruction and removal will be made between buyer and property owners. No removal of items will take place at the sale (basically this- we have to first sell the stuff in the house that makes the house a home before we sell the stuff that makes the house a house). EXCEPT some old exterior ornate doors (with screens needing to be replaced).

  • Frigidaire 1947 “kitchen work horse” electric oven (model RK-70) with deep well cooker, 2 Even Heat ovens with broilers
  • Wood kitchen stove & oven
  • Old Royal Oak wood parlor stove
  • Everything inside this old beauty, stored in the shed, saved in the cellar & salvaged over decades


  • Mid Century sofa & pink Kroehler chair
  • Primitive wood cabinets & wall shelves
  • Antique claw foot oak upholstered tufted chaise lounge
  • Art deco metal locker
  • Gorgeous antique roll top desk
  • Oak dresser with glass knobs
  • Assorted dressers
  • Antique chairs
  • Pair of early Adirondack chairs, plus set of two more with loveseat
  • Antique metal bed frames with ornate head & footboards
  • Vintage wood headboards and footboards
  • Antique metal bed springs
  • Chippy wood painted stools and ladders
  • Antique sewing machine cabinets with iron Singer bases; Franklin Sewing Machine
  • Pair of soda parlor chairs from Art’s Tavern, Glen Arbor
  • Plant stand


  • Figurines
  • Lamps- wall mount, milk glass, desk top,
  • Vintage art
  • Rugs – farmhouse rag rugs
  • Mirrors
  • Old photos
  • Christmas décor, vintage ornaments including Shiny Brite mercury glass, garland, deer, Santas, angels, more
  • Vintage unused wallpaper trim, decals
  • Vintage ceramic planters
  • Old creche with nativity


  • Old cameras
  • Vintage radio, tubes, magazines
  • John F. Kennedy memorabilia
  • Old ukulele
  • Vintage marbles
  • Handmade wood youth crutches
  • Old coolers, Thermos’
  • Newspaper log roller
  • Vintage cigar boxes, crates; tobacco tins, pouches; pipes, cigarette, cigar holders; ashtrays
  • Vintage electric fan
  • Old typewriter
  • Vintage record player/stereo, old phonographs, records, more
  • Primitive round super thick butchers block table
  • Vintage political items, photos, election signs, etc.
  • Impressive collection of Traverse City news clippings related to local boys departing & returning to battle and making headlines during WWII.
  • Globes & maps
  • Vintage metal lunch boxes
  • 1909-1910 US Tailoring Co. Chicago catalogue cover (an awesome piece for framing)
  • Old crates, boxes, baskets and fruit lugs
    • Kraft Cheese
    • Mistletoe Cape Cod cranberries
    • McDaniel Texas
    • El Verso San Felice (extra large shipping crates- pair)
    • Soda bottle crates

For the Wee Ones

  • Vintage toys, games, dolls and collectibles
  • Vintage baby buggy, play pen, crib, high chair, stools, scooter toy and more
  • Very old trunk full of youth costumes-pretty cool stuff in there!
  • Beautiful & fun baby dresses & clothes
  • Old books, paper dolls, plushies, puzzles & more
  • Mickey Mouse and other very early Disney items
  • Old trinkets, figurines, school valentines and more

Farm Work & Life

  • Old veterinarian books
  • Awesome vintage farm & agriculture related ephemera including magazines (Better Farming, Poultry Tribune, Successful Farming, Prairie Farmer, Country Gentleman), business operation journals from depression era- 1970s farm
  • Cattle & horse care and feeding items
  • Wagon wheels
  • Large milk cans
  • Milk bottles & paper caps
  • Potato planters
  • Assorted rakes, hoes, other tools
  • Old corn shucker
  • Old wooden water buckets
  • Round wood cheese containers with lids
  • Wooden grain containers
  • Vintage food tins & boxes
  • Old saws including nice two man logging piece
  • Axes
  • Seed spreader
  • Lanterns
  • Massive stoneware PICKLE CROCK & other stoneware bowls, jars, jugs
  • Canning supplies & MASON JARS (clear, blue, glass tops, zinc lids, all sizes, brands)-OLD!!!
  • Apple baskets
  • Berry baskets
  • Cherry & other fruit lugs & crates
  • Double basin vintage washtub
  • Wall mount wooden clothes dryer
  • Wooden ironing boards
  • Galvanized metal tubs
  • Old bottles

The Old Farmhouse Kitchen

  • Lots of fabulous enamel bowls, pots & pans, tubs
  • Cast iron pots & pans
  • Old cookbook
  • Salt & pepper shakers
  • Tea sets
  • Coffee percolator
  • Old metal breadboxes & cannisters
  • Wood handled cooking utensils
  • Cookie cutters
  • Baking dishes
  • Mugs, glassware, barware
  • Old paper products with great advertising


  • Vintage wool, chenille, cotton blankets, hand sewn quilts, covers, sheets & cases
  • Absolutely lovely assortment of handkerchiefs & scarves
  • Embroidered tea towels
  • Vintage aprons
  • Lace & fine linen tableclothes & napkins
  • Huge amount of simple, yet chic Canon linen utility towels (with stripes)

Wearables & Beauty

  • Vintage 1930s-esrly 40’s Halloween costumes
  • Fur
  • Pin-up girl worthy cherry print dress
  • Jewelry
  • Hats, fascinators, boutonnieres & gloves
  • Hankies
  • Vintage perfume & cologne bottles
  • Vanity accessories- boxes, ring holders, mirrors, brushes
  • Men’s vintage shaving items
  • Vintage undergarments
  • Men’s vintage eye glasses
  • Handbags, pocketbooks, wallets, briefcases, luggage, trunks

Art- all antique-vintage

  • Religious ceramic wall art, framed iconic images
  • Military themed framed pieces- incl print. Renesch made Woodrow Wilson campaign poster
  • Floral
  • Pastoral
  • Children
  • Animals
  • Abstract
  • Folk
  • Charles Hubbell airplane prints & airline poster
  • More

Books, Magazines & Ephemera

  • Antique to vintage hardcover & paperback children’s & adult fiction, historical, biographical, religious, geographic & serial
  • Vintage magazines, including farming & agriculture, popular culture, current events & lifestyle (Look, Life, Liberty, Family Circle, McCall’s, more), astrological & more
  • Post cards- including real photo, local, more
  • Old cabinet photos
  • Vintage Valentines, Christmas greetings, Easter, Halloween, birthday and other adorable notes
  • Vintage MAPS
  • Old Le & Cady Detroit grocery wholesaler book
  • Vintage United States Tailoring Co., Chicago 1909-1910 book cover
  • Old scrapbooks


  • WWII uniform & accessories
  • Postcards & other war time correspondence
  • Impressive collection of Traverse City Record Eagle news clippings related to local boys from Grand Traverse, Leelanau & Antrim counties departing & returning to battle and making headlines during WWII.
  • More


  • Vintage iconic wall art, Jesus, Mary, more
  • Theology books
  • Catholic items- Rosaries, old bibles, praying cards, St. Francis Church & School keepsakes, Pope pictures

Northern Michigan & Other Local History

  • St. Francis Catholic Church & School memorabilia dating from 1930s
  • Traverse City & surrounding area phone books
  • Politics- Former resident was a Grand Traverse election official during the 1930s through 1940s. Local family names, voting records, election official instructions, ballots, candidate propaganda and other interesting pieces
  • Mackinac Island Pennants, and other items
  • Traverse City Record Eagle newspaper clippings & full historical editions including TC’s Centennial and 150 year celebrations
  • National Cherry Festival 1930s-
  • Original and hard to find Antrim County plat map book
  • Local High School play & musical programs, more
  • Park Place Hotel items
  • Original rope from local school bell
  • Cherry industry items
  • Local menus (Pete’s), souvenirs
  • Matchbooks from local businesses
  • Frankenmuth hat

Sporting Goods

  • Duck decoys
  • Fishing items
  • Old ice skates